The role of public relations and marketing communications is to affect change and move people toward a goal. Creative and professional marketing tells customers why they should use your products, educates users on how to get the most value from your services and builds loyalty for your brand leading to repeat sales and other results.  Here are some short case studies to spark ideas for your own marketing campaigns with an assortment of materials that I wrote or edited. If you have questions on other types of campaigns or materials, please don’t hesitate to ask .

Promoting Better Security through Industry Collaboration

Working with a global industry association of major network operators and other internet players to promote collaborative anti-abuse best practices and partnerships.

Winning Over Industry Analysts

How a trade organization less than a year old, and the technology it promoted, earned a place among the top trends of the coming year.


The PR Battle for an Emerging Standard

How public relations helped an emerging technology jump to the Top 3 in analysts’ ratings.


Building Credibility
for New Scientific Techniques

Introducing and selling a new technique to a traditional industrial measurement technique that opened new markets for the company.

Using Feature Articles to Sell Broadcast Multimedia Management Systems Internationally

How trade articles explained new business strategies and helped customers overcome their doubts about evolving technology and new processes.

Introducing the First Web-Enabled Phone

It was 1997 and we introduced the first smart phone with Internet connectivity at CES. The result was publicity in major business magazines and newspapers, including Business Week and The New York Times.

Using PR to Reposition a Company

Evolving with the times, a company used public relations to launch its move from hardware to software developer.



Communicating Expertise with Effective Newsletter Development

Using testimonials and existing customers’ site  installations and product appplications to explain the value of the client’s expertise and services to new  customers.