I take a creative and thoughtful approach to marketing that naturally builds credibility with your targeted audiences as we define and communicate your organization’s advantages with insight and transparency. This was true when I was the Marketing Communications Manager and the first employee at an early application startup and has continued over the years working with large enterprises, small businesses and associations. I’ve found the core values developed in the competitive high-tech arena apply everywhere:

Accuracy and Clarity

You have to know your bits from your bytes, and even then, you have to ask questions, then ask again. In any industry or market, providing accurate information is essential to a company’s credibility.


First-of-its-kind, competitive news can easily become a “me too” announcement over night. Meeting deadlines with quality marketing communications is fundamental to successfully executing a marketing plan.

Quality Writing

Hype doesn’t sell products or services. Clearly-stated benefits and well-defined marketing messages need to be supported by facts. Every form of marketing communications has its own tone and writing style. Solid storytelling and journalistic style are essential. Whatever the purpose, the work should be informative and a pleasure to read.

Have Fun

Marketing is a team sport and is most successful when it involves corporate management, sales, engineering and product development. Mutual respect and timely internal communications are essential. Great marketing communications achieves its targets, is fun and creates value for the company, the industry and consumers.